Streamlined patient monitoring and documentation

Support perfusionist workflow with an advanced point-of-care Clinical Information System. MetaVision automatically retrieves data from the heart-lung machine and other devices such as monitors and ventilators as well as labs, and presents the information graphically.

MetaVision helps clinicians with the tasks of accessing vital information, making calculations and entering data accurately during the protracted process of open heart surgery. Using the system, clinicians can easily document critical events, identify and react to aberrations and meet best practices.

Why MetaVision

MV Perfusion screen shot.jpg

Reduced errors
Automation of data entry and calculations

Informed decision-making
Automatic retrieval of data from the relevant medical devices
Clear presentation of case information

Improved communication
With anaesthesiologists and surgeons

Integrated record
Throughout the perioperative environment

Use MetaVision to:

Document procedures, progress and events:

  • Bypass time
  • Surgical milestones
  • Cardioplegia
  • Hemodynamics

 Identify and react to potential problems by monitoring:

  • Intraoperative devices and hemodynamic monitors
  • Laboratory results
  • Fluid balances, from multiple sources
  • Blood flow rate and temperature

Meet best practices and clinical guidelines with support for:

  • Clinical pathway documentation
  • Documentation of CPT, ICD and other coding requirements
  • Detailed patient reports


"The introduction of MVperfusion in our hospital was quick and easy, as the system is ideally suited for how our perfusionists work. MVperfusion improves our workflow by providing all the relevant patient information in one record, resulting in complete and efficient case documentation.”
Marco van Goer, Perfusionist
Bad Krozingen Heart Center, Germany