Spitalregion Rheintal Werdenberg Sarganserland in Switzerland chooses MetaVision Anaesthesia for their three hospitals

Düsseldorf, Germany – July 25, 2017 – iMDsoft®, a leader in clinical information systems, announced that Spitalregion Rheintal Werdenberg Sarganserland (SR RWS) in Switzerland has chosen MetaVision for all the pre-op, intra-op and post-op units of their three hospitals: Grabs, Altstätten and Walenstadt. iMDsoft and Biomedica cooperated to bring about this solution.
SR RWS was impressed with MetaVision’s multi-site capability: its distributed database architecture enables networks to maintain uniformity and enforce clinical best practices across institutions. MetaVision provides a single integrated electronic health record which can be accessed across departments and hospitals, giving clinicians the platform to coordinate care for their patients and the data they need to make informed decisions about the best course of treatment. The system provides automated anaesthetic record keeping, making documentation fast and easy.  SR RWS will enjoy all the benefits of an automated solution throughout their perioperative environment: automatic data capture, pre-populated charts, complete and accurate anaesthesia records, advanced clinical decision support and a rich data repository for clinical studies and reports.

"After an extensive tender process, we found that iMDsoft had the most compelling offering. Biomedica’s presentation of the product and concept for implementation contributed significantly to our decision. We also received excellent references from local hospitals in the areas of project management and improved patient care. We look forward to a smooth and timely implementation and to seeing the benefits of this high-impact system,” said Elmar Mathis, Clinical Lead for Anaesthesia Care, SR RWS.

“MetaVision will provide SR RWS with a high level of support for the unique needs of the perioperative environment and with one database across the region,” said Shahar Sery, Executive Vice President of iMDsoft. “It is our hope that SR RWS will see the many benefits of MetaVision as reported by our clients, including increased patient safety outcomes, increased adherence to complex protocols and reduced documentation time.”

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