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  • As critical care took center stage in the battle against COVID-19, iMDsoft fast-tracked roll out of MetaVision to units in the front line of the pandemic response. MetaVision’s high level of configurability enabled hospitals to quickly support and optimize all the essential workflows involved in handling the novel coronavirus.
    MetaVision enhances the safety of clinicians and patients, promotes compliance with updating protocols and best practices, and supports and optimizes all the essential workflows involved in handling infection with COVID-19.
    Digitize your COVID-19 response with MetaVision.

    Here’s what users are saying:

    iMDsoft helped facilitate the rapid expansion of MetaVision into our Surge ICU areas when our Covid-19 was at its peak. It instantly improved the delivery of care to our most vulnerable patients in extraordinary times. It was rapidly adopted by staff from other hospital areas and ensured our usual high level of care was duplicated throughout our increased critical care bed base.”
    Dr Kevin Kiff FRCP FRCA FFICM, MSE Group Clinical Director, Critical Care, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, UK

    “iMDsoft were extremely helpful and proactive during the acute COVID Pandemic. We felt totally supported and were instrumental in helping us set up extra ICU’s smoothly and efficiently. They created extra critical care beds for us extremely quickly which was vital during such a difficult and time critical period. Thank you!”
    Dr. Anthony K Parsons, FFICM, FRCA, Specialty Lead for Intensive Care Medicine & Anaesthesia, Ashford & St. Peters NHS Foundation Trust

  • Elisabeth Krankenhaus Thuine, part of the Niels-Stensen Clinics Group, Germany, has chosen MetaVision for the operating, induction, and recovery rooms at its new site.

    The hospital - which specializes in internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery, gynecology, anesthesia and hematology/oncology – has plans for implementation of intensive care services at a future date.


  • Five additional hospitals in Lower Austria have now chosen MetaVision, a reflection of the successful implementations that have been undertaken in the region over the past two years. The implementations will be performed by BioMedica, iMDsoft’s partner in Austria.

  • 2019

    The Südharz Klinikum in Nordhausen, Germany, has gone live with MetaVision in their first ICU.

  • The Region Hospital Center of Citadelle (CHR), a leading hospital in the Francophone region of Belgium, has chosen MetaVision for some one hundred beds in its general and neonatal ICUs. The hospital was impressed by existing MetaVision functionality and convinced that it most closely meets its needs.
    iMDsoft’s partner IteMedical has already got the project underway, with installation expected in November and Go-Live before summer 2020.

  • Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg, Berlin, German, has gone live with MetaVision 6 in over 50 beds in its OR, ICU and IMC departments. The project represents an upgrade from MV5 to MV6. The hospital worked closely with Sana Klinikum Borna, which went live with iMDsoft’s system in November 2018, to optimize the process.

  • Laniado Hospital, Israel, has chosen MetaVision 6 for its NICU and monitored neonatal beds. The implementation will launch shortly in the hospital’s existing ward and will subsequently be transferred to a new facility that is currently being built.



  • CHUV, the University Hospital of Lausanne, one of five university hospitals in Switzerland and one of the first institutions to install MetaVision, has decided to upgrade to MetaVison 6 for their ICU, NICU, and PICU. The implementation process is set to kick off very soon, with a phased
    Go Live achieving full go live for all three departments with a single database by Q1 2020.

  • Fundació Puigvert, Barcelona, Spain, one of Europe's leading centers for the provision of specialized medical care in urology, nephrology and andrology, will use the iMDsoft Spanish standard database for its upcoming implementation of MetaVision.
    The project will be lead and managed by Conasa, iMDsoft's distributor in Spain.


  • 2018

    Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (HKCH) will implement MetaVision throughout its acute care environment, with the first phase of a three-stage go-live scheduled in December 2018. The system consists of a single database covering Anaesthesiology and Preoperative Medicine, PICU and NICU of the Hospital.
    HKCH strives to enhance clinical service quality, promote research, strengthen teaching and training, and provide children-centred and family-friendly services to create a better patient experience, while ensuring financial sustainability.
    HKCH will serve as a tertiary referral center for complex, serious and uncommon paediatric cases requiring multidisciplinary management, providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for patients in need from birth to 18 years of age territory-wide (note: there is no accident and emergency department or general outpatient clinic in HKCH; all patient cases must be referred by registered doctors in public hospitals or the private sector).