Digitize your COVID-19 response, enhance the safety of clinicians and patients, and improve outcomes with a best-in-class patient data management system.



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MetaVision Suite - Clinical Information Systems
with proven results


Get a single patient record across the continuum of care: ICUs, pre-op units, ORs, recovery units and general floors. One patient, one flow sheet – easily access all the necessary information throughout the entire hospital stay.

Why do governments choose MetaVision for all their hospitals?

  • Standardisation of medication and clinical protocols
  • Fast and efficient implementation methodology
  • Reduced hardware and project costs



MetaVision is designed to deliver results in critical care


  • Highest cost
  • Highest mortality
  • Highest morbidity


  • Drives hospital throughput
  • High-cost complications
  • High-risk procedures

Watch the MetaVision ICU product demo now!

The next generation of MetaVision is here! Developed with latest technology, MetaVision 6 has a fresh intuitive graphical user interface and exciting new functionality.  Improve patient safety with advanced electronic medication management. See all your patients at a glance and effectively manage patient care. System improvements deliver better performance, reduced latency and improved scalability. 

Leading hospitals worldwide choose MetaVision


  • 12 Jan

    MetaVision supports clinical care units in Royal Papworth Hospital, in the battle against the COVID-19

    As critical care took center stage in the battle against COVID-19, iMDsoft fast-tracked roll out of MetaVision to units in the front line of the pandemic response. MetaVision’s high level of configurability enabled hospitals to quickly support and optimize all the essential workflows involved in handling the novel coronavirus.
    MetaVision enhances the safety of clinicians and patients, promotes compliance with updating protocols and best practices, and supports and optimizes all the essential workflows involved in handling infection with COVID-19.
    Digitize your COVID-19 response with MetaVision

    Here’s what users are saying:

    "iMDsoft supported our response to the sudden demand on our critical care services caused by a surge in admission due to COVID-19. The whole iMDsoft team was quick and efficient, and we were able to always be ahead of the curve with enough beds on the ready at any time. This ensured we could rely on our bespoke Metavision set-up to deliver our standard of care to all patients, wherever the additional beds were located. The deal they offered was measured and well apportioned to the need, facilitating rapid agreement from all parties in accepting this was the best solution in our hospital. We were really impressed with iMDsoft’s responsiveness, flexibility and support during an extremely busy time and their teams deserve recognition for the hard work they did!"

    Dr. Alain Vuylsteke, BSc, MA, MD, FRCA, FFICM | Consultant in Intensive Care
    Clinical Director, Clinical and Diagnostic Services, Associate Lecturer, University of Cambridge
    Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • 10 Dec

    Helse Nord, the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority, has implemented its first two MetaVision departments

    Helse Nord, the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority, has implemented its first two MetaVision departments. One of four regional health authorities in Norway, Helse Nord covers the counties of Finnmark, Nordland, and Troms, and owns four health trusts that operate the hospitals, as well as the Northern Norway Pharmaceutical Trust, which operates nineteen pharmacies. The MetaVision implementation is scheduled to roll out throughout other facilities in the region over the rest of 2020 and into 2021

  • 8 Nov

    Laniado hospital, Israel, has successfully implemented MetaVision 6 in its Neonatal ICU unit

    Laniado hospital, Netanya, Israel, has successfully implemented MetaVision 6 in its Neonatal ICU unit. Due to the novel coronavirus, support for the system go-live, which was smooth and successful, was performed remotely.

  • 19 Oct

    Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Thuine goes live with MetaVision 6

    Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Thuine, part of the Niels-Stensen Clinics Group, Germany, has gone live with MV6 in 18 OR beds. Additional rollouts to beds in the perioperative space are still planned.


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