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Improve patient safety, reduce errors, and make more informed decisions; MetaVision decreases your administrative workload and frees you to devote more time to direct patient care
Improve clinical outcomes


Increase your hospital’s effectiveness and patient satisfaction, meet quality goals, promote regulatory compliance and improve your bottom line in the highest cost areas of your hospital
Enhance financial performance

IT Professionals

Enhance user satisfaction with a high-performance, scalable solution that complies with your IT strategy and inter-operates with the latest technologies
Meet strategic IT goals
IT Professionals
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Extensive experience in critical care environments, globally
Proven expertise in supporting complex clinical workflows
Smart decision support tools to improve protocol compliance
Seamless integration with existing and planned HIS investments
Implementation models to suit your budget and goals
At MGH [MetaVision] has allowed us to drive the ratio of billable charts to 100%.
Drs. John Walsh & Warren Sandberg
MGH, Boston, MA
MetaVision is able to present us with a vast array of physiological data... and empowers our decision making on a daily basis.
Dr. Steve Oakey
Broomfield Hospital, UK

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MetaVision Demo
Watch these videos about iMDsoft, MetaVision for Anesthesia, and MetaVision for ICU .